State Alternative Fuels Transition Initiative Update

As part of the Commonwealth’s Alternative Fuels Transition initiative, VCC is working with public fleets to convert light, medium and heavy duty vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane autogas (LPG). To date, a total of 192 vehicles have been converted, reaching 64% of the program’s goal of 300 vehicles converted. An additional 143 vehicles are currently in process, which will bring the total number converted to 335 vehicles.

Of the 192 vehicles that have been converted, 94 are part ...

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Tire Strategies to Save Fuel

What vehicle tire strategies and technologies are available to save fuel?

It’s easy to understand why tires are essential to a vehicle, but tires also play an important role in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Tires affect resistance on the road and, therefore, how hard the engine needs to work to move the vehicle. By maintaining proper tire inflation or investing in low rolling resistance or super-single tires, you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Whether you drive a light-duty (LDV) or ...

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VW Settlement Agreement with U.S. on TDI Diesel Vehicles

Jun 28, 2016

Proposed settlement program includes vehicle buybacks and lease terminations, emissions modifications (if approved) and cash payments to affected customers for approximately 475,000 eligible 2.0L TDI vehicles
Volkswagen agrees to $2.7 billion environmental remediation fund and to invest $2.0 billion in initiatives to promote the use of zero emissions vehicles in the U.S.
Separate resolution with U.S. states settles consumer protection claims

Herndon, Va. /Wolfsburg, Germany (June 28, 2016) – Volkswagen AG announced today that it has reached settlement agreements ...

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Oak Grove Plantation – EV Charger & Discounts

Oak Grove
Oak Grove Plantation, a friend of clean cars, now has public electric car charging stations! The only ones in South Boston!

Oak Grove have just added two level 2 chargers that will work on any electric car make. They are the only charging stations between Virginia International Raceway to the west and South Hill to the East. Oak Grove Plantation B&B has already been awarded twice for ...

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Volkswagen Shifts Focus to Electric Vehicles after Diesel Emission Scandal

Over the past year, the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal has been the on forefront of news for the German automobile company. Volkswagen was accused of, and admitted to altering their emission performance data in diesel-powered cars in the U.S. through the use of a “defeat device”. The defeat device is a piece of software that is able to detect when the car is being tested, and change and improve the emission performance data. Volkswagen capitalized on the scandal through ...

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Capitalizing on Clean Energy: An Unflawed Future?

Written by Conor Moran, Oakton High School Senior

Entropy is the idea that the universe moves towards disorder and that order can only be restored by expending energy. Entropy, the same principle behind small-scale spontaneous chemical reactions and even the formation of the entire universe, is leading us to neglect our precious Earth. Energy is required for environmental order, but apathetic school board members all throughout the United States would rather use that energy to pamper their sports teams at the ...

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More U.S. School Districts Roll Out Propane Autogas Buses to Cut Costs, Reduce Emissions

Today, there are more than 7,300 propane school buses on the road in 46 states. That number continues to increase as more school district fleet managers hear about the cost-saving and emissions-reducing benefits of alternative fuel school buses.

Phoenix’s Kyrene School District has converted 85 percent of its existing fleet of diesel-fueled school buses to propane autogas-powered vehicles. Like many school districts in the U.S. that have chosen to convert to propane autogas, Kyrene School District expects these new alternative fuel ...

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The Future is Cleaner Than You Think

By: David Robinson, Creative Director: Birch Studio

If you look, it’s not hard to see pollution on the roads every day. Cars and trucks are huge sources of what’s called mobile pollution. Vehicle exhaust produced 31% of US’s CO2 emissions in 2014.[1] Every day, ozone and particle pollution affect the health and longevity of millions of people in the US, not to mention the world. The closer people live to roads, or the more time they spend on them, the worse ...

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Propane Incentive Offers a Little Savings on the Farm


For 2016, PERC is offering a Propane Farm Incentive Program aimed at studying the effectiveness of propane-powered equipment in the field. The program (formerly the Propane FEED Program) offers financial incentives to qualifying farmers who purchase specific pieces of equipment with the purpose of sharing usage data with the Council.

Eligible equipment includes EPA or CARB-certified propane-fueled industrial engines, propane-powered prime power generators and propane-fueled poultry, swine and greenhouse heating ...

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Renewable Natural Gas Coalition +VCC

RNG Logo L

Virginia Clean Cities has joined the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition and can extend informational benefits to our stakeholders. The RNG Coalition is a member-led non-profit. Together, we can advocate for the advancement of renewable natural gas so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy supply. Virginia Clean Cities can benefit from our partnership with the RNG Coalition by receiving resource and ...

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