Highland Electric Fleets— Providing School Districts a Path to Electric School Buses at Scale

Why Electric School Buses?

Yellow school buses have long been an iconic symbol of the American education system. Today,  in the United States,  they transport over 25 million school children every day. These buses are vital to transporting children to and from school, and are also statistically the safest way to make these trips. Unfortunately, traditional diesel-powered school buses emit harmful local pollutants, including NOx and particulate matter. These airborne pollutants are especially harmful to young children, as ...

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Fredericksburg City Public Schools Welcomes an Electric School Bus Demonstration

On November 30th a Blue Bird electric school bus quietly made its way into Fredericksburg, Virginia and on December 1st it made some noise with a demonstration event for Fredericksburg City Pubic Schools. On Wednesday, December 1st, Fredericksburg City Public Schools, ABM, and Virginia Clean Cities came together to host an electric school bus demonstration event with Blue Bird Bus Sales of Virginia to show how electric school buses can serve the school district and its surrounding communities. 

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Technology Happy Hour: ABM

On November 18th, 2021 Barry Carr, ABM’S Director of Business Development, eMobility & Electrical Infrastructure, and Christina Sherriff, ABM’s Infrastructure Funding Specialist were featured speakers for the Virginia Clean Cities Technology Happy Hour. 

ABM is a leading provider of facility solutions with more than 100 years of experience and more than 300 locations across the U.S. and internationally. During the session, Barry and Chrissy spoke about the eMobility and bundled energy services provided by ABM. AMB is ...

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2021 Drive Electric Virginia Forum

DRIVE ELECTRIC VA FORUM LOGO _500 x 200 px_ _1_.png

Virginia Clean Cities hosted the Inaugural Drive Electric Virginia Forum on November 17th with an amazing lineup of speakers covering a wide range of topics on the current state of electric vehicles (EVs) in Virginia plus efforts underway to make EV adoption and charging accessible and equitable.  We were excited to hear from the following speakers who shared their experiences, lessons learned, and initiatives they are currently working ...

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Beam Global Powers Volvo Construction Equipment in Clean Construction Showcase at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge

EV ARC™ sustainable EV charging system used to help build ADA accessible viewing platform at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge  

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 18, 2021Beam Global, the leading provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, announced that the EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging system was used to charge Volvo Construction Equipment ...

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$300,000 Remaining for Electric School Buses in Southwest and Central Virginia from Appalachian Power!

Appalachian Power is administering a program to provide grants towards the purchase of electric school buses across southwest and central Virginia. To date, they have awarded $2.1 million in grants to support 9 electric buses and their infrastructure across five school districts. Four of these districts, Amherst, Campbell, Montgomery, and Washington county schools each received grants to purchase two electric buses, and one district, Bedford county, has received funds to purchase one electric school bus. 

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Electric School Bus Coalition Applauds Congressional Approval of Downpayment on Clean School Buses

WASHINGTON, DC., November 12, 2021 – Congressional passage of the bipartisan infrastructure plan boosts the importance of rebuilding and supporting the backbone of America in sustainable ways, and the Electric School Bus Coalition (ESBC) applauds this down payment on the country’s future. The legislation dedicates $5 billion to clean school buses, with $2.5 billion to replace polluting diesel school buses with zero ...

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Energy Zones Mapping Tool Now Allows for Locating New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Equity Considerations

Energy dot gov Office of Energy Efficiency and renewable energy

Argonne National Laboratory has expanded the Energy Zones Mapping Tool (EZMT) to support electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) planning, with an emphasis on equity. Those wanting to plan for new EVSE can use the EZMT to look at criteria such as:

  • Density of existing EVSE stations
  • Proximity to designated alternative fuel corridors
  • Annual average vehicle traffic
  • Distance to mass-transit hubs
  • Household transportation energy burden
  • Percent low-income
  • Percent minority
  • Population ...
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Virginia School Bus Charging Assessment Workshop

On November 4th, 2021 the Virginia Department of Education hosted numerous experts for a virtual Virginia School Bus Charging Assessment Workshop. The workshop provided a ton of resources on assessing charging infrastructure needs for electric school buses. The workshop featured the following speakers:

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