2018 Fuel Economy Guide Now Available on Fueleconomy.gov

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have just released the 2018 Fuel Economy Guide, available online at fueleconomy.gov (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/printGuides.shtml). The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publish the Guide each year to help new car buyers choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets their needs. The online version of the Guide will be updated regularly on fueleconomy.gov as additional information is submitted by the auto manufacturers. New and used car buyers can also ...

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Virginia Issues RFP for Statewide Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network

On September 29th, the Department of Environmental Quality issued a request for proposal for the state’s first public electric vehicle charging station network. This program will be supported by the state’s share of Volkswagen settlement funding. For more information, you can download the RFP and relevant attachments.


Attachment E

Attachment F

The program is seeking proposals to deploy EVSE, specifically DC fast chargers, throughout Virginia. The state will reimburse the vendor for up to 80% ...

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E15 Available Nationwide


As summer comes to a close, American drivers now have access to E15 – a 21st century fueling option that contains five percent more clean renewable and often Virginia produced ethanol than what most drivers have been limited to for years. That’s good news for drivers and for our environment.

Virtually all gasoline used in the United States contains ten percent ethanol, something that has been true for ...

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Motori CNG retrofit system for 2010 Navistar DT466

NGV Motori announced on September 25th that it has received CARB approval for its 7.6 L DT 466 CNG engine.

(Dallas, Texas & Plainfield, New Jersey, September 25th, 2017) Sunny DeWakar, CEO of NGV Motori, USA issued a statement confirming the CARB approval of its dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) retrofit system for installation on 2010 model year Navistar, Inc 7.6L medium Heavy-duty diesel engine.

EPA approved the NGV Motori DT 466 natural gas engine earlier in 2017. Receiving the California approval ...

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Administration takes a precarious route on car efficiency

Camille von Kaenel and Debra Kahn, E&E News reporters
Published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017
The Trump administration has kicked off negotiations with the auto industry and the state of California over tailpipe pollution rules.

The deal will require navigating complex political dynamics and legal requirements, with only a small margin for a clear Trump political victory.

To win, the White House will have to conciliate the demands of the auto manufacturing industry, whose home states gave Donald Trump his presidential victory, and ...

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Technologies That Will Transform the Transportation System

The transportation system is in the midst of a dramatic worldwide transformation that has the potential to impact our daily lives. Many factors are contributing to this change: overall U.S. demographics are shifting, more people are moving to cities, and connected devices are empowering consumers with more choices and on-demand services. The arrival of new technologies, such as connected and automated vehicles, and the rise of the shared-economy, including car-sharing and ride-hailing, have the potential to provide new, low-cost, mobility ...

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DOT announces $55 Million Grants, HRT gets $500k

Protera electric busHampton Roads Transit was awarded $500,000 for a full electric bus. This is the first FTA LONO project to be successful in Virginia, and our neighbors in Montgomery County Maryland was also successful in their effort which will be a smaller 35’ bus.

Hampton Roads Transit will purchase 40-ft Proterra Catalyst E2 Extended Range Electric Buses and associated Depo Plug-in Chargers. These buses have the benefit of improving air quality by eliminating ...

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Bulk Buy Discount Webinars F4F

Fleets for the Future
Upcoming Webinar: Learn About Exclusive Deals on Alt-Fuel Vehicles Through Fleets for the Future

Calling all fleet managers and fleet procurement officers at public agencies!

Fleets for the Future (F4F) is excited to present to you exclusive offers on the most popular alternative fuel vehicle models for public sector fleets. Please join us with National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), Zenith Motors, and National Auto Fleet Group (NAFG) to learn about our available clean vehicles ...

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Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference Oct 11

Register now for the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo 2017!

The Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference showcases the latest and greatest in advanced vehicles, fuels, and technologies – including data driven solutions. This conference is a source of on-the-ground experience for increasing fleet efficiency and sustainability, while reducing emissions and costs.

Join us on October 11 – 13 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Speakers and breakout session presenters at the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo have experience and ...

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VW Settlement: Proposed Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement Filed with Court

On September 6th, the U.S. Department of Justice submitted a proposed Volkswagen (VW) Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement to the U.S. District Court in Northern California. The proposed agreement includes revisions to the Environmental Mitigation Trust portion of the First and Second Partial Consent Decrees of the VW Settlement. The Trust Effective Date has not yet been set, and no substantive changes were made to the Beneficiary Allocations or Eligible Mitigation Actions outlined in the Environmental Mitigation Trust; however, several ...

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