$180M FTA Low or No Emission Bus Program for FY2021

March 10, 2021

What is it?  What’s it do for you?  How can you get help?

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently announced availability of $180M for FY2021 under its Low or No Emission Program (Low-No Program).  The funding can assist transit operators to purchase or lease low- or no-emission vehicles, acquire related refueling or charging equipment and upgrade facilities. Funds can also cover costs incidental to the project, such as workforce development and training.  The funding also appears to allow for relevant technical assistance.  Applicants must provide 15% cost-share for buses and 10% for related equipment and facilities.  Details on the program can be found at https://www.transit.dot.gov/notices-funding/low-or-no-emission-program-low-no-program-fy2021-notice-funding

This program, which has been around for six years, is a key way transit properties can obtain funding to integrate new, clean bus technologies into their fleets.  Funding will be competitively awarded.  Applications for funding must be submitted by 11:59pm EDT on April 12, 2021.  Applicants must also register on GRANTS.GOV.  Specific application instructions are available at http://www.transit.dot.gov/howtoapply.  

FTA typically ensures that funds are spread out geographically. FTA may cap the amount that can go to any single applicant – in FY2020, that cap was $7M – and no single state received more than 5.4% of the total funding available (which was $130M funding 41 projects). 

Virginia Clean Cities stakeholder VEIC has assisted transit properties with applications for several years, with a very high degree of success.  If you’re interested in applying for funding from this program, either this year or in future years, and would like to know more about how we can help, please contact Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur (jwallace-brodeur@veic.org) or Dave Gelman (dgelman@veic.org).