Highway and directional signage for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging / Alternative Fuels messages must be certified by the Virginia Department of Energy, under Virginia’s Integrated Directional Signing Program (IDSP).

Under Virginia’s IDSP, an entity wishing to display EV Charging / Alternative Fuels messages on IDSP highway signs must complete the Signage Request Form, meet the minimum Participant Criteria, and submit this request for certification to Virginia Department of Energy. 

Send completed forms to:  renewableefficiency@virginia.energy.gov

For questions or assistance with this form, please contact Virginia Clean Cities at aharned@vacleancities.org or 540-568-8896.

More information on Signage Policies developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) under the IDSP can be found at:   https://www.virginiadot.org/programs/sign-default.asp