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Electric Vehicle Resources

This page contains a detailed overview of electric school bus resources and information. It also highlights the success story of VCC’s Mid-Atlantic Electric School Bus Experience Project (MEEP), using its example to showcase the benefits of an electric school bus and the importance of community action.

This page is all about EMPOWER, a project dedicated to workplace charging. EMPOWER aims to help guide companies on effective workplace charging and employee engagement programs, educate, and provide resources to companies looking into EV charging for their workplaces.

This page covers EVCAP, an Electrive Vehicle Charging Assistance Program run by Virginia Energy and supported by VCC. EVCAP aims to inform and educate audiences from the community about EV deployment, issues, and benefits.

This page contains a multitude of additional EV training resources from online universities, tech courses, virtual EV engineering training, first responder safety in cases of alternative fuel vehicle accidents, and more.

Alternative Fuels and Programs

Clean Vehicle and Infrastructure Contracting

For information about biodiesel, biodiesel vehicles, and biodiesel production in Virginia.

CMAQ Vehicle Fuel Conversion Incentive Program

For information about clean diesel.

Fleet Tools and Consumer Resources

For information about clean diesel.

EV Charging Incentives for Virginia

For information about normal ethanol, E85 ethanol, and flex fuel vehicles.

Additional Information Resources

Fuels Fix is a quarterly electronic magazine “ezine” publication that is published by East Tennessee Clean Fuels. Fuels Fix features stories from all Clean Cities Coalitions about alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies successes in the United States. The site is powered by news from the US DOE Clean Cities Program as well as our working partners in the alternative fuels industry.

Virginia Laws and Incentives : The A-Z on rules, regulations, and incentives on alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

Additional VCC Resources

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