EMPOWER Workplace Charging Tools

June 20, 2023

Workplace Charging (WPC) Survey Tool

You can use the WPC Survey to engage with existing EV owners and gauge interest among other employees to estimate future expansion needs.

Power and Energy Calculator Tool

Power and Energy Calculator tool for Workplace Charging is designed to help Electric Vehicle (EV) owners and employers or property management calculate, decide and plan for workplace charging (WPC). The numbers in these calculations should not be considered definitive, but rather as planning estimates.

Metering and Payment Systems Table

This tool will help you explore different metering and billing options. When considering your options you will need to consult with your utility company and an electrician who is knowledgeable about electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and metering installations.

WPC Simple and Advanced Concepts

WPC Simple and Advanced Concepts provides practical and effective frameworks for workplace charging. Click the illustration on the right to download the concept descriptions in pdf format. Choose the approach that works best for your organization. Remember that you can always upgrade later from Simple to Advanced. 

EMPOWER Workplace Charging Flyer

Download our flyer to learn more about workplace charging. 

EV Info List

Check out our EV Info List for specs of all EVs available in the US.

To sign up to be an EMPOWER Workplace Charging Partner, please contact EV Program Manager Bruce Vlk at bvlk@vacleancities.org.