icon_biodiesel_green Biodiesel – For information about biodiesel, biodiesel vehicles, and biodiesel production in Virginia.

icon_natgas_green Clean Diesel – Information about clean diesel.

icon_ethanol_green Ethanol – Information about ethanol, E85 ethanol, and flex fuel vehicles

icon_lpg_green Propane – Information about liquid petroleum gas, propane, as a fuel and for vehicles

SPDAPlogo Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program – Our largest project is a DoE funded initiative to implement propane-powered vehicles and associated refueling infrastructure that will displace more than 15.7 million gallons of gasoline and prevent over 16,000 tons of airborne pollutants all while leveraging domestic fuel sources.

icon_cng_green Natural Gas – Information about natural gas fuel and vehicles.

icon_hydrogen_green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Information about hydrogen fuel cell fuel and vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Nexus – Fuel cells and hydrogen-sourced energy are regarded as viable long-range technologies that one day could alleviate the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, reduce harmful emissions, and create thousands of new jobs.

icon_electricity_greenElectricity – Information about electric vehicles and Virginia initiatives

Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Information about hybrid electric vehicles

Plug-in Electric Vehicles – Information about plug-in electric vehicles

icon_idle_red_green Idle Reduction and Efficiency – Information about idle reduction technologies.

Clean Cities 2013 Vehicle Buyer’s Guide – The expanding availability of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles makes it easier than ever to reduce petroleum use, cut emissions, and save on fuel costs. This guide features a comprehensive list of vehicles set to hit the market in model year 2013.