Charging Incentives Support Growing Virginia EV Adoption

December 8, 2021

Virginia is moving into the fast lane on electric vehicles (EVs). The Commonwealth has recently approved measures to adopt new vehicle emissions standards and electric vehicle sales targets; state legislators are reportedly looking for ways to fund EV adoption incentives; and, a recent study by a leading interest group gave Virginia the highest marks of any state in the southeast on transportation electrification. Of course we will need new infrastructure to support this market movement.

There are a number of incentives to support the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in Virginia. Municipalities, property managers, and other infrastructure interests can explore them to ensure they are ready to support this growing market segment. Here is a sample list to help you get started.

  • Electrify America is deploying charger depots and DC Fast Chargers and is headquartered in Reston, VA. The company is expanding its charger network in Virginia and throughout the country. It also recently added Virginia to its kilowatt-hour pricing program, simplifying billing for customers. Contact Electrify America to suggest a site.
  • Dominion Virginia has launched its Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program (SCIP). The program will provide rebates for qualifying EV charging stations, charging infrastructure and installation, and network fees. This pilot will fund multi-family, Workplace, DCFC and transit DCFC.
  • Blink Charging plans to install 200 networked 19.2 kWh L2 Chargers in Virginia, DC, Maryland and West Virginia as a part a three-year ecosystem program. Each charger is capable of providing 19.2 kwh or about 65 miles of charge per hour. Contact Andrew Hillman at or (805) 825-9415 for more information.
  • Volta Charging offers free charging stations at shopping centers and other commercial areas. The stations feature large screens and complimentary charging covered by advertising revenue. For more information, visit
  • Greenspot is installing 24 e-Mobility hubs consisting of 6 L2 chargers in Virginia, DC, Maryland and West Virginia as a part a three-year ecosystem program. Greenspot will install an initial set of 24 e-mobility hubs which includes 72 dual chargers and a total of 144 EV ports. Visit or contact
  • ChargePoint and EVMatch are installing EV charging stations in rural Virginia as part of the Rural Reimaged project. For ChargePoint contact Alden Naeny at For EVMatch, contact Heather Hochrein at
  • Procurement Contracts Exist. For Virginia municipalities and other government entities, check here or Virginia Clean Cities can help to determine if your EVSE procurement could be included in existing state or rideable contracts.

For all laws and incentives in Virginia visit this page on our website (updated frequently)

Virginia Clean Cities helps stakeholders to take advantage of these and other incentives. We also work with individual EV drivers to help ensure they have the resources they need. Please email us if we can help you in any way!