Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership

May 1, 2024

An Electrification Ecosystem of Intermodal Leadership and Intercity Travel

St. Francis Academy EV charging station event in Baltimore. Photo credit: Dylan Slagle / BGE.

This project is creating a regional electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia, connecting the Region’s cities, employing multiple EV and infrastructure sub-projects, including multimodal hubs, such as airports, seaports and logistics centers. It aims to address educational, planning and equity issues in local communities. Kicked off in September 2020, the project will run through the end of 2024.

A large component of the project is focused on outreach to and improving air quality in underserved communities in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Leading outreach efforts is EVNoire, an award-winning organization, focusing on e-mobility, transportation, energy and environmental equity.

The project has already succeeded with new tools, robust education, rideshare vehicle deployment and initial EV infrastructure. Argonne National Laboratory‘s mapping tools became the basis of federal equity planning and mapping at the U.S. Department of Energy in response to federal executive orders.

EV charging installations to rural areas are complementing the National Electric Vehicle Initiative (NEVI) infrastructure effort. Solar EV charging infrastructure was piloted at a Virginia university and West Virginia airport.

Through the project’s initial three years of work, many components have contributed to a comprehensive, competitive and fluid market for EVs in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Virginia joined Maryland and Washington, DC, in becoming a zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) market. Electric school buses were deployed in Maryland and Virginia, and GreenPower Motor Company established electric school bus manufacturing in West Virginia. In Maryland, an innovative EV rideshare program has already achieved more than one million miles driven.

GEM Mapping Tool

The Argonne National Laboratory developed the Geospatial Energy Mapper (GEM), a comprehensive mapping tool that identifies areas that are suitable for low- or no-carbon power generation and other energy-related projects. GEM is a redesigned, reengineered and rebranded system based on the core data and capabilities of the Energy Zones Mapping Tool (EZMT).

Argonne also developed a project-specific tool for the Region. Check out the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership Mapping Portal here.

Project Partners

The project is a partnership of EV infrastructure companies, non-profits, electric utilities and governmental entities dedicated to transportation electrification in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Charging Station Opportunities

  • Greenspot is installing e-mobility hubs consisting of six Level 2 charging stations covered by the program. Contact Manuel Klinar at manuel@greenspot.com for more information.
  • Blink is installing 19.2 kWh fast Level 2 charging stations covered by the program. Contact Steve Laurenson at SLaurenson@blinkcharging.com for more information.
  • The Charlottesville EV Charging Infrastructure Grant supports installation of public charging stations in Charlottesville located near commercial and retail activities.

Locations and Sites

The map below highlights project partner locations and approved installation sites. Planned projects include airports, ports, hotels, shopping centers and more.

P = project partner, Plug icon = project site

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Questions about the project? Contact VCC’s EV Program Manager Bruce Vlk at bvlk@vacleancities.org.