Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership

February 25, 2023

An Electrification Ecosystem of Intermodal Leadership and Intercity Travel

This project will create a regional electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland and West Virginia. The ecosystem project will connect the Mid-Atlantic Region’s cities, employing multiple EV and infrastructure sub-projects, including multimodal hubs, such as airports, seaports and logistics centers. It will also address educational, planning and equity issues of populations near these hubs. Starting in 2020, the project will run through 2024.

Through this project’s work, steps are underway for a comprehensive competitive and fluid market for electric vehicles in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

GEM Mapping Tool

The Argonne National Laboratory has developed the Geospatial Energy Mapper (GEM) tool a comprehensive online mapping tool that helps to identify areas that are suitable for low- or no-carbon power generation and other energy-related projects. GEM is a redesigned, reengineered and rebranded system based on the core data and capabilities of the Energy Zones Mapping Tool (EZMT).

Argonne also developed a project-specific tool for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Check out the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership Mapping Portal here.

This project will support inter- and intra-city routes for commercial and government fleets, consumers and rideshares, serving the following locations:

  • hotels
  • airports
  • schools
  • ports
  • service agencies 
  • workplaces
  • tourism destinations
BEAM EV Arc Solar Charging Station

Reaching Underserved Communities

A large component of the project is focused on outreach to and improving air quality in underserved communities in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Leading outreach efforts is EVNoire, an award-winning organization, focusing on e-mobility, transportation, energy and environmental equity.

Project Partners

The project is a true partnership of EV infrastructure companies, non-profit organizations and governmental entities that are dedicated to transportation electrification in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Project Partner Locations and Sites

The map below highlights project partner locations and approved installation sites. Planned projects include airports, city streets, ports and more.

P = Project Partner, Plug Icon = Project Site

Project Partner Spotlight

Greenspot is installing 24 e-mobility hubs consisting of six Level 2 chargers in Virginia, DC, Maryland and West Virginia as a part of the project. Greenspot will install an initial set of 24 e-Mobility hubs which includes 72 dual chargers and a total of 144 EV ports. Visit www.joingreenspot.com or contact manuel@greenspot.com.