Funding Available Clean Fuel Projects

April 8, 2019

U.S. Department of Energy has released some funding.  Virginia Clean Cities at JMU is preparing proposals for letter of interest submission at the end of the month and I would like to discuss this with you if you have interest in any of these areas:

These opportunities are for several areas:

  1. Alternative Fuel Proof of Concept in New Communities
  2. Innovative Alternative Fuel or Efficiency Approaches
  3. Electric Vehicle Data Collection
  4. Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure for Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness

If you have ideas – send them to me or please lets discuss in a meeting – please let me know when you are available by sharing a time for a call at:


Alternative Fuel Proof of Concepts: DOE is supporting small 5 vehicle projects which would be OEM purchase or conversion vehicle projects and fueling infrastructure programs that can bring new fleets or applications to the table for adoption of clean technologies.   This would use commercially-available , on-road technology to get out to new markets or new fleet operations. DOE encourages working with OEMs and vehicle or infrastructure equipment suppliers and fuel suppliers and universities.  DOE does not want to fund areas with prevalent technology adoption or fleets which are already experiencing the technologies.


Innovative Approaches: DOE is making available funding for open topics which would be opportunities to explore novel solutions to transportation and energy challenges.  This would allow consideration for AFV’s specialized application or specific end users that may be underserved by clean fuels and technologies.  Finding affordable and energy efficient mobility tools (reducing user energy use and costs) is of interest.  This would be multiple states. DOE Does not want to fund converting or repowering vehicles here and highly encourages transit, utilities.


EV Charging Data Collection: VCC would like to explore solidifying a team to collect, validate, analyze and make summary results available for an updated national dataset of electric vehicle charging, including a wide range of climates, equipment, and end user segments.  Information would be shared with governments at all levels, research communities, local planners, industry and others.


Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure for Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness: Department of Energy is looking at disaster recovery planning and resiliency using alternative fuels for response fleets that provide critical transportation or other services, as well as resiliency infrastructure planning.  This can be used for planning, or upgrading fuel sites for resiliency or adding backup AFV generators.  This can’t be used for converting or repowering vehicles or subsidizing vehicle costs.


Full Funding Opportunity Announcement is here: