2021 PHEVs added to EV Purchasing Collaborative

October 1, 2020

Three new Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles released for public fleets

The Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative just announced the release of their newest PHEV vehicles: Toyota RAV4 Prime, 2021 Toyota Prius Prime, and 2021 Chrysler Pacifica! The Pacifica and RAV4 Prime for fleets that require smaller trips with a larger vehicle. The current electric range for these two models is 30 – 42 miles, with the Prius Prime ranging at 55 MPG after 25 miles of electric range. Toyota’s new Prius Prime model specializes in daily long-trips entirely emission free!

The Collaborative program will support leasing options to allow public fleets to utilize the federal tax credit when purchasing. Furthermore, the Collaborative has committed to continuing their creation of new EV models for public fleets for years to come. In the next year, the program estimates the sale of 3,800 EVs by more than 225 public fleets. 

The Climate Mayors EV purchasing Collaborative is a national cooperative program where cities unifying the conversion of public fleets to electric energy. This program provides insight on EVs, charging infrastructure, financial guidance, and expert policy recommendations.

If you want to learn more about the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative or these EV models visit: https://www.electrificationcoalition.org/programs/climate-mayors-ev-procurement-collaborative/