Spring 2018 Issue of the FuelsFix

April 13, 2018


We are pleased to release the Spring 2018 edition of the Fuels Fix! In this edition there are articles from Hawaii on the Hawaiian mayors’ commitment to 100% renewable ground transportation, Yellowstone-Teton on a switch to renewable diesel, San Diego on how to change your fleet thinking when it comes to EVs, a ROUSH article on the myths surrounding “clean” diesel school buses, and more.  And we included several timely links to events that you are hosting/managing including from Rebecca and Courtney in southeast Louisiana, Tony in PA, and for the Lake Michigan crew for their GreenDrive$ event in IL!

Inside the Spring 2018 edition of Fuels Fix:

• 2018 Fuel Economy Guide

• COVER STORY: Hawaiian Mayors Commit to 100% Renewable Ground Transportation by 2045 (and by 2035 for public fleets in Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai Counties)

• EV Fleet Change Management: Thinking Beyond Procurement

• Four Myths about “Clean” Diesel School Buses

• Primary or Secondary? Understanding Propane Stations in the DOE’s Alternative Fuels Station Locator