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That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Nearly a third of our our nation’s energy goes into transportation. 92% of that comes from petroleum. That is a huge opportunity for us to make a difference.

And we’re off to a great start.

Last year our work displaced nearly 20 million gallons of petroleum and prevented nearly 120,000 tons of greenhouse gases. That means cleaner air, healthy bottom lines, and a smaller carbon footprint. (Updated every year)

With your support, we can continue that work and expand our reach among concerned citizens like you.

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$8/month helps fund outreach programs to spread the word about clean fuel solutions.

$16/month helps fund outreach events where we develop relationships, educate decision makers and set the playing field.

$24/month helps us get grants to put clean fuel vehicles and fueling stations on the ground.

“I donate because VCC is
the only non-profit in Virginia that actively and effectively fights climate change through the deployment of cleaner alternative fuel vehicles and refueling infrastructure.” – Erick P