Alliance Autogas Busy with Propane Technologies

February 28, 2019

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Alliance AutoGas, the large U.S. network providing a complete propane autogas solution to fleets interested in converting to alternative fuels, released a record number of new technologies to the autogas industry in 2018. A showcase of this technology, including a previously unreleased vehicle system in partnership with Prins Alterative Fuel Systems installed on a 2019 Chevy Silverado, will be displayed at the upcoming NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN, March 5-8.

Examples of the new technologies brought to the marketplace in 2018 include 58 new EPA certifications covering 38 differing vehicle platforms, an electric/propane autogas hybrid Ford Fusion, and the aftermarket autogas port-fueled direct injection (PFDI) engineered system. The PFDI system, first introduced at last year’s NTEA Work Truck Expo, is still the first and only aftermarket technology of its kind available to the marketplace today. The revolutionary alternative fuel solution can integrate Alliance’s engineered system into the OEM factory computer system of the vehicle, making for a seamless communication between the two. Another platform developed to stay at the forefront of technology was the electric/autogas hybrid. Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas, says “We are pleased to differentiate Alliance AutoGas in the alternative fuel market as hybrid friendly. This vehicle is a precursor of many to come in the Ford family, and our company is committed to staying ahead of vehicle technology. We want to provide autogas users with the best possible resources for reducing emissions and costs on the market.”

Alliance’s technological advancements are poised to not only influence the current autogas market, but to also be an integral part of autogas adoption in the future. According to Ed Hoffman, president of the Alliance’s technology distributor BSI, “A few years ago, all of our products were simple multi-point fuel injected engines. At that time we were running through R&D projects to better understand how we would interface with fuel systems of the future.” Continues Hoffman, “The future has come very quickly and we have not only adapted to these changes but, with our partnerships, exceeded industry standards for them. We stand today with extremely diverse and reliable fuel system technology. As the next chapters of advancement are occurring, we, with Alliance AutoGas, are excited to be part of what comes next.”

To see their newest collaboration with Prins, an engineered system installed on a 2019 6.0 LC8 Chevy Silverado, you can find them in booth 5591 at the NTEA Work Truck Show. This particular system is estimated to save over $3000 per year in fuel costs and will lead to an average reduction of 58 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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About Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas (AAG) is an international network providing a comprehensive propane autogas solution to light, medium and heavy-duty fleets. Alliance AutoGas is managed by its parent company Blossman Gas, Inc., the largest privately-owned propane company in the United States. Alliance AutoGas is comprised of more than 120 independent propane marketers and authorized conversion centers throughout North America. Alliance’s partners are aligned to provide EPA certified propane and propane autogas systems to vehicle fleets and lawn care companies, including the sale of, installation, and ongoing service to keep these systems on the road.

*Alliance Autogas, Department of Mines Minerals and Energy and many stakeholders in the Virginia Clean Cities Coalition worked in 2010-2014 to deploy 1200 propane vehicles. Alliance Autogas also led a team to secure a statewide contract to reduce Virginia government fuel costs with propane vehicles.