Benefits of Renewable Propane and Dimethyl Ether (DME)

October 7, 2022
Video provided by PERC with information about Renewable Propane and DME

Traditional propane is already a reliable and clean method of producing energy in everything from school buses to grills, but the development of Renewable Propane mixed with Dimethyl-Ether perform even cleaner with the same reliability! And not only will its carbon emissions be reduced, but is produced with bio-oils temporary sequestering atmospheric carbon, and therefor not dependent on fossil resources.

The process of creating Renewable Propane uses feedstocks, oils, and restaurant grease along with being a natural byproduct of production of jet fuel and diesel. Renewable DME (rDME) is additionally created using feedstocks, oils, and animal byproducts, but also can take advantage of materials in landfills for production as well. DME stands for dimethyl-ether. PERC believes using the renewable fuels mix could greatly reduce net lifecycle carbon.

For more resources on this topic visit Propane Energy Research Council’s website or additionally click here for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s final report on “Techno-economic, Feasibility, and Life Cycle Analysis of Renewable Propane.”