EV-WATTS (Electric Vehicle Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions) Project

Virginia Clean Cities is providing technical assistance to Clean Fuels Ohio and Energetics on a multi-year data collection and analysis project. The EV-WATTS program will collect data from EV charging stations and EV drivers. VCC will identify data partners, secure data commitments, assist in regularly collecting data, and gather supplemental information during the project. This is an ongoing project.

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Electrify Your Ride Program

VCC is providing technical assistance and dealership outreach to project partners on the EYR program.  This website is your go-to place for information on electric cars and to sign up for pre-negotiated discounts from local dealerships. The website provides information on why your next car should be electric and, when you’re ready, explore discounts on the latest models and get connected with the dealer(s) of your choice.

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Clean Fuels Transition Project

Virginia Clean Cities invites you to participate in Clean Fuels Transition Project. This goal of this one-year project to provide an analysis of your fleet’s fuel usage and compare it to an alternative fuel, such as electricity, to determine if there are any cost and/or emission reduction benefits.

This is an ongoing service and is provided to you free of charge.

VCC staff will work with you on collecting data on fuel usage and costs, and prepare a summary report on your ...

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Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Opportunity Center

VCC seeks to expand the domestic supply chain of components and systems necessary for the manufacture and scale-up of the supply chain by building and populating a comprehensive database and by driving U.S. companies to the site via an aggressive outreach campaign using trade association outreach, webinars, social media, and personal contact. This effort will advance hydrogen fuel cell suppliers in the transportation, utility, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, with a focus on the transportation sector in fuel and infrastructure supply ...

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Clean Cities Coalition Support

VCC provides ongoing support to the U. S. Department of Energy’s local alternate fuels deployment and educational efforts. As an officially recognized coalition since 1996, Virginia Clean Cities coalition members displace tons of greenhouse gases each year millions of gallons of gasoline. The Virginia Clean Cities Coalition is supported by hundreds of local business and fleet partners who serve as stakeholder members. This is an ongoing project

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Virginia Port Authority Green Operator Program

The Virginia Port Authority and VCC are working together to reduce harmful diesel emissions in the Hampton Roads region. This project establishes a Green Operator Hotline that assists truck drivers with information on financing a drayage truck replacement. The program provides a $20,000 incentive towards the purchase of newer drayage trucks and up to $6,000 towards the purchase of a retrofit. VCC is assisting with program management, marketing and outreach. This is an ongoing project.

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VCC’s Adopt-A-Charger program

VCC’s Adopt-A-Charger program accelerates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through crowdfunded, grassroots support of public, fee-free electric car chargers. As a sponsor your donation will be purchase level 2 EV chargers. These chargers will be then be donated to entities located in Virginia for public use.  You can donate to support this great program through Paypal or mailing a check to VCC. This is an ongoing project.

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Virginia Clean Cities (VCC) at James Madison University  in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is advancing mentoring to other Clean Cities Coalitions across the country. The objective of this effort is to utilize Clean Cities coordinators as experts and advisors for other designated Clean Cities coalitions in providing assistance in improving current practices and learning new and updated practices and processes to help ensure the ultimate success of the coalition. Mentee coalitions are garnered both through inquiries ...

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