Clean Energy Fuels Begins Selling Renewable Natural Gas at Virginia Fueling Stations

July 5, 2022

In summer, 2022 Clean Energy Fuels began selling Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) at their three fueling stations in Virginia! These three stations, shown in the map below, bring RNG to the Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Tidewater regions. 

Map of Clean Energy fueling stations in Virginia, from Clean Energy’s Station Locator.

RNG is byproduct waste and can be sourced from landfills, livestock operations and wastewater treatment plants. When not used to create RNG, these biogases are often harmfully flared or off-gassed releasing methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases directly into the atmosphere. By capturing these gases, RNG as an energy source makes for a win-win situation for organizations seeking to meet their sustainability goals. When combined with certain engine technology, RNG can allow fleets to achieve near-zero or even carbon-negative environmental goals.

Clean Energy is also a Virginia Clean Cities stakeholder. Back in August 2021, the Clean Energy team joined Virginia Clean Cities to speak about Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The session highlighted the benefits of RNG, including its 98% domestic production and negative carbon intensity. To learn more about Clean Energy and its work with RNG, you can view the recording here or on our YouTube channel