CNG Compelling Case Workshop Reminder!

July 20, 2012

There is still time to register for the CNG Compelling Case Workshop in Richmond on Wednesday, July 25th! Be sure to register before Sunday to receive the discounted rate of $55! (It goes up to $65 after!) This is a great opportunity to meet with CNG vendors and learn more about this great alternative fuel! A tour of Richmond’s new, soon-to-be-open CNG station will conclude the day! If you have any questions, Virginia Clean Cities will be happy to answer them! Contact Ryan Cornett at (540) 568-5586 or

What do transit agencies, refuse companies, food & beverage distributors, municipal governments, private trucking firms, airport shuttle services, courier services, private contractors, school districts, and utility companies have in common? They all can lower their fuel costs by 30-50% by transitioning their fleet to vehicles powered by natural gas!

“Compelling Case for NGVs” workshops are designed for public and private fleet operators and policy-makers and cover the several key topics related to the use of natural gas in fleets. Join us on July 25th in Richmond and learn about more about how this cheaper, domestic fuel can help you and your fleet. The workshop is Wednesday, July 25 from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm. Registration is $55 until 7/22/12 and $65 on-site. To register, go to Clean Vehicle Education Foundation.

CVEF’s comprehensive “Compelling Case for NGVs” workshops, which are co-hosted by Clean Cities Coalitions and other clean-air/clean-transportation/ alternative fuel advocates across North America, are designed for public and private fleet operators and policy-makers and cover the following key topics:

Why We’re Here: Economic, environmental and national energy security market drivers prompting the move to compressed natural gas (CNG)- and liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered vehicles.

NGVs 101: Overview of natural gas properties and NGV basics.

Best Bets: Which fleets and vehicle applications are the best candidates for successful NGV programs and why.

Wheels: Available light-, medium- and heavy-duty NGVs and the sales-service channels that support them.

Fill’er Up: Fuel station design, development, ownership and operations options for fleets of all sizes.

OPM: Identifying and securing available tax incentives and grants (“other people’s money”) that further improve NGV economics.

Been There – Done That: NGV fleet operators share experiences and tips.

Dollars and “Sense”: A review of NGV program economics including how to calculate fuel costs, simple payback and life-cycle savings.

Next Steps: Tips on how you can implement a successful NGV program.

Crowne Plaza Downtown Hotel
555 East Canal Street
Richmond, Virginia