Department of Transportation Publishes Preview of the Urban Electric Mobility Toolkit

May 17, 2023

Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Update

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) published a preview of the Urban Electric Mobility Toolkit, titled “Charging Forward: A Toolkit for Planning and Funding Urban Electric Mobility Infrastructure.”

Developed with support by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, the toolkit serves as a one-stop resource to help urban communities scope, plan, and identify ways to fund electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, supporting diverse forms of electric mobility, including:

  • Travel by personal vehicle
  • Transit
  • Micromobility (e.g., electric bicycles and scooters)
  • Ride-sharing services.

Urban communities, metropolitan planning organizations, transportation providers, businesses, and property owners and developers can use the toolkit to identify key partners for an electric charging project, take advantage of relevant planning tools, and identify available funding or financing to help make that project a reality.

For rural stakeholders interested in developing an EV charging infrastructure, DOT has published and recently updated the “Rural Electric Mobility Toolkit.

The Urban Electric Mobility Toolkit is still under development, but a preview copy can be downloaded on the DOT website. When available, a final version of the toolkit will replace this preview copy.

About the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation
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