DHE continues charge, Volvo’s VNR electric trucks to be manufactured in Dublin, VA

January 19, 2021
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Image from Volvo Trucks

Dependable Highway Express is a leading operator in reducing the carbon footprint of commercial freight vehicles. Through the Volvo LIGHTS project, DHE has completed numerous electrification initiatives in Southern California. Over the past two years, DHE introduced their new Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks, battery electric yard trucks and forklifts, and in tandem, plans for the necessary charging infrastructure. DHE has committed to electric transit and sustainable solutions making them a prime example for other commercial fleets looking to electrify. To further solidify DHE’s pledge towards reducing their own carbon footprint, DHE operations signed a letter of commitment to obtain 10 additional Volvo VNR Electric Trucks in 2022.

DHE has worked closely with other commercial freight truck manufacturers, including Volvo Trucks North America who has begun receiving orders for their own battery-electric VNR trucks. Processing and production of the Volvo VNR Electric trucks will begin early 2021 at Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley manufacturing plant in Dublin, Virginia. The new trucks will have a 150 mile range with a 70 minute charge time. Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley facility in Virginia is Volvo’s largest truck manufacturing plant in the world making it an excellent location to take on the production of heavy duty zero-emission vehicles. In time this decision will influence other commercial fleet operators in the region to adopt similar strategies and carbon policies.