Drivers Lined Up to Get $0.85/gallon E85 Today at the Grand Opening of the Second E85 Flex-Fuel Gas Pump in Hampton Roads

July 30, 2010

Virginia Beach, VA – Drivers of Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) lined up for 2 hours this afternoon to get $0.85/gallon E85 thanks to Virginia Clean Cities and the Department of Energy. Navy Exchange (NEX) Norfolk, VA., held the grand opening ceremony of its E85 alternative fuel facility today. With this grand opening, there are four public access E85 stations in Virginia; three of those operated by the NEX.

“The opening of this facility is an important initiative and is in alignment with with the government’s goal to reduce petroleum consumption through improvements in fleet fuel efficiencies and the use of alternative fuels,” said Michael Good, NEXCOM Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer. “This facility provides the needed access to E85 fuel for the Navy’s fleet of flex fuel vehicles as well as to other federal, state and city government flex fuel fleets, and the general public.”

NEXCOM awarded a public private venture contract in April 2008 to Protec Fuels for the infrastructure development and supply of the ethanol-based alternative fuel, E85. E85 is comprised of 85 percent ethanol/15 percent gasoline. It burns cleaner and reduces hydrocarbon emissions, and will soon be produced in Virginia.

“The U.S. Navy is a leader in the use of alternative fuels, including ethanol and biodiesel and operates the largest fleet of flex fuel vehicles in the state of Virginia,” said Larry Boone, NEXCOM’s Automotive Program Manager. Mr. Boone has worked diligently to help contribute to the ambitious goals the Navy has with respect to petroleum displacement and alternative fuels by making alternative fuels available to military personnel, as well as the public. “We are proud to offer E85 as a preferred choice of energy to drive our country, improve our environment and reduce our country’s dependency on petroleum.”

Virginia Clean Cities and the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, through a Department of Energy grant, provided support to Protec Fuels to assist with the development of the Navy Exchange Norfolk E85 fueling site. “As a resident of Hampton Roads, it was truly invigorating to see the variety of privately-owned flex fuel vehicles lined up to fill up with E85. We have been thrilled to have this partnership with NEXCOM and Protec, and are looking forward to ensuring that these alternative fuel infrastructure investments pay off,” said Chelsea Jenkins, Executive Director of Virginia Clean Cities.

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