Edtunity Offering Free Intro EV Tech Course

October 18, 2023

EV Technician Operations and Maintenance Credentialing
Edtunity Institute is excited about a partnership with the Next Education and Electrify America to provide you with a free, introductory course about electric vehicles for Veterans. The Electric Vehicle Technician Operations & Maintenance Credentialing (EVTC) is specifically designed to assist professionals in cultivating a valuable skill set, while also elevating their professional credibility and marketability within the Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) community. The EVTC Program is comprised of a total of twenty hours, serving as a component of a more extensive 65-hour curriculum. Please note the lab portion of this course will be held in Norfolk, Virginia.

Who is eligible to take the course?

Veterans, National Guardsmen and Reservists.

What is the course format?

The video and online learning model of this course is both collaborative and flexible combining the best of self-paced and lab based learning.

How can I advance with these credentials?

Once you earn the EVTC Badge from this course, you have the opportunity to advance towards an additional 45 hrs. of content in pursuit of further credentials.

Register at: edtunity.org/register

Have any further questions about the course, contact: lmartinez@edtunity.org.