Virginia Clean Cities’ aptitude to review a fleet database and use profiles will benefit your team by developing a comprehensive emissions and budget plan for alternative fuel deployment.  This planning will help you save money while providing the technical backing for further considerations on a project.

Virginia Clean Cities will be there every step of the way to make sure you have the information you need at hand to make the correct decision. The following consulting areas include baseline services that can be tailored to meet your individual organizational and budgetary needs. We can work from these areas of expertise to move your project forward.

  • Review fleet profile by looking at vehicle types, vehicle counts and vehicle specific duty cycles
  • Gather input from fleet managers, financial staff, and political leaders for a comprehensive alternative fuels plan
  • Review site-specific fuel and electricity costs
  • Interpret data through shared modeling tools and provide modeling training                   
  • Explore incentives and facilitate grants to help you with your budget planning for alternative fuels
  • Engage state and national partners and federal labs to provide additional support
  • Provide comprehensive draft and final report for your consideration

These areas of expertise include our analysis of make, model, year, and application of vehicles.  For example, police cruisers would be a specific make and model, and would require specific capacity requirements for radios and other technologies. We will consider the annual miles and type of miles driven by vehicles to better understand their duty cycle to help identify the best-suited alternative fuel.  For duty cycle, vehicles that return to a home base will be considered for certain applications, while others may need a network of fueling stations associated with longer range travel.

This type of analysis often takes collaboration and getting a baseline from fleet departments, vendors and partners that  you suggest can help us provide you with a comprehensive planning document. The variable costs for fuel are appropriately weighted when determining payback to identify alternative fuel options.  We gather quarterly data on Virginia fuel prices which include public and private rates from fleets and government entities. We have access to several modeling tools that will be used in developing your fleet plan. These tools can be shared and demonstrated if desired. Virginia Clean Cities will also consider the available grants and incentives available to your fleet and share this information with your organization.

Once the plan is complete, data will be provided in a formal printed report. Your organization will also have access to your raw data through spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides for use by you or your partners. All of which will ensure a smooth and successful transition in greening your fleet to improve air quality and save you time and money.

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