EPA Introduces the new Electrification Tool Finder

August 19, 2020

Tools and Resources to Help Measure Electrification Impacts—Find Your Tool


Looking for tools and resources to help measure the emissions, energy, and economic impacts of your current and future electrification initiatives? Our new tool finder, Tools and Resources to Help Measure Electrification Impacts – Find Your Tool, allows you to navigate the many freely-available tools and resources for measuring impacts of electrification initiatives at both the government operations and community-wide scales.
After you enter a few criteria about what you need, you’ll receive a tailored list of tools and resources that may be appropriate for achieving your goals. This tool finder offers key details on each tool and resource to help you decide if they are relevant to your needs. You can visit the recommended resources directly online, or print summaries on each tool or resource, including information about level of detail, impact types covered, sectors covered, ease of use, and intended audience.