Every Day is Earth Day for SmartWay Affiliates

April 13, 2021

Engaging in questions of environmental and societal stewardship is an increasingly important way for businesses to create sustainable value and purpose. The choices that we make both professionally and personally can make a difference in our environment.

The EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking and improving freight transportation efficiency.

This Earth Day encourage your stakeholders to reduce their environmental footprint. They can take the first step by measuring and benchmarking their efforts to improve transportation efficiency.

·     Become a SmartWay Partner. Participate in SmartWay

·     Replace older light duty fleets with more fuel efficient and lower emitting vehicles. Use the Green Vehicle Guide to search for the cleanest, most fuel efficient vehicle that meets your needs.

·     Be responsible environmental stewards. Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, so encourage your carriers, suppliers and anyone you do business with to make sustainability a priority.

·     Why Freight Matters to Supply Chain Sustainability

By embracing sustainability, SmartWay affiliates and their members are choosing to exercise leadership on environmental issues that touch all of us. 

Celebrate Earth Day with SmartWay’s Earth Day Tool Kit

As a SmartWay affiliate, encourage your employees and stakeholders to engage in activities that make a positive contribution to the environment. Here’s a link to a variety of resources, including a new SmartWay PSA:

2021 Earth Day Tool Kit