Virginia EV Planning Opportunity

April 29, 2011

Virginia Clean Cities would welcomes stakeholders interested in electric vehicle planning, deployment, and infrastructure to submit ideas for the current Department of Energy EV Planning funding opportunity, DE-FOA-0000451. Participation in a Virginia process is optional, but your thoughts are valuable.

This funding opportunity will allow for planning, policy implementation, and advancing existing planning elements from last year’s ev activities and  Plans must address infrastructure for medium, light, and heavy duty vehicles.  Funds cannot be used to purchase fueling infrastructure.  This effort will expand upon Virginia’s initial EV readiness plan released in October, 2010, and address, at a minimum, items identified in this sample study outline.

Many stakeholders have been identified and will be contacted to join this effort.  If you are interested in submitting early comments or expressing support, please use these resources, including view a copy of the Funding Opportunity Announcement and fill out this survey if you are interested in the Virginia effort.

FOA Download  – v April 19 DE-FOA-0000451 PDF Link

Minimum Requirements Outline – SAMPLE Study Outline

If you have trouble with the form, please submit ideas to