EVgo Announces Free Charging for National Drive Electric Week

September 13, 2016

EVgo is celebrating National Drive Electric Week by offering its drivers free charging on its leading national network from September 10 through September 18. Throughout the week, drivers with a valid EVgo charging card can charge for free at any of EVgo’s 1,000 charging locations in over 50 metro markets. This year’s promotion is one of 200 other National Drive Electric events taking place across the country, seeking to celebrate the increasing availability of plug-in vehicles and highlighting the consumer benefits making electric vehicles the future of transportation.

“National Drive Electric Week is a celebration of the electric lifestyle. One advantage of driving electric is never having to stop at a gas station again. This week, EVgo will make it even sweeter by making your public charging free nationwide,” said Terry O’Day, EVgo Vice President. “Our network is growing rapidly, and together with our drivers, is making the EV movement unstoppable.”

Since its development, EVgo has worked closely with automakers like Nissan, BMW, and Ford to develop a vehicle-centric customer experience. These partnerships have brought customers faster charging speeds and more charging locations, allowing EVgo to operate over 700 fast chargers in more than 50 top metro markets across the country. Last year alone, EVgo’s public high-speed charging network delivered more than 21 million electric vehicle miles, saving nearly 900,000 gallons of gas and offsetting nearly 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Beyond its celebration of National Drive Electric Week, EVgo plans to expand and strengthen its network reach, offering more drivers access to dependable chargers and supporting the growth of this crucial industry.

Drivers who do not yet have an EVgo card can sign-up for one at http://bit.ly/2ckeQiV. EVgo’s “Flex” plan has no monthly fee and is ideal for drivers trying EVgo for the first time.

“We are pleased to collaborate with EVgo this year on National Drive Electric Week. Not only can your EV take you everywhere you need to go, but it will be for free this week of celebrating driving electric,” said Joel Levin, Plug In America Executive Director. “With over 200 events happening this week in communities all across the U.S., there is something for everyone.”

EVgo’s network includes DC Fast CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo plugs to serve a variety of different vehicles, from the Nissan LEAF to the BMW i3. These chargers are compatible with American, European and Japanese dominant standard vehicles and provide power at a rate about 10 times faster than home charging stations. Typical cars on the road today can get nearly a full charge in 30 minutes or less. At most stations, EVgo also provides Level 2 charging stations for vehicles that do not accept fast charging.

During the entire week, EVgo will suspend billing for all session fees at their network stations when a driver uses a valid EVgo card to initiate the session. This includes partner cards like EZ-Charge with Nissan and ChargeNow from BMW. EVgo’s charging stations are typically located at popular retail locations, including Simon Properties, Walmart, Whole Foods and REI . To find a nearby participating EVgo network location during the National Drive Electric Week promotion period, see http://bit.ly/2cBQIsH.