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October 8, 2010

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Implementing Best Business Practices
Roundtable discussions with the best fleet managers in the country.


Washington DC Best Practices Seminar
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2010
Topics to be discussed:
When Government Works and When it Doesn’t
A study of 75 Government agencies to find out what works led by the co-author of
If We Can Put a Man On The Moon: Getting Big Things Done In Government led by John O’Leary co-author of the book and research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, Ash Institute Center for good governance and innovation. The book is full of practical ideas of how to make your job easier. This is 21st Century leadership at it’s best; how to get people committed and creative. Read these reviews:

ASH Institute awards over $600,000 a year for the best ideas in Government. John has held several leadership positions for the state of Massachusetts. This is a-once-only-program-you-can’t-afford-to-miss. John is an international speaker and judged one of the best for content at the recent Government Fleet Magazine Conference in June.
Business Practices for a Tough Economy, will be led by Ken Bernard, Fleet Manager of Roanoke, VA. Staffing and budgets are being cut so Ken will discuss creative ways to operate on a reduced budget with scarce resources. Economic pressures are present but we can still thrive and survive. Ken was judged one of the best presenters with the most content at the recent Government Fleet Magazine conference in June. 
The biggest fleet turnaround in history took place right here in the District of Columbia and was led by Kathy Merrill, a former process engineer with General Motors. She will discuss the essentials of fleet management that turned around the District of Columbia Public Works fleet operation into one of the 100 Best Fleets in North America. She is considered one-of-the-top five-fleet-minds in the country. This is your chance to evaluate and benchmark your own processes.
District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is a Public/Private fleet operation. They are considered the “Gold Standard” in fleet management. This is a rare opportunity to benchmark your operation with the best-of-the-best fleet management companies. This discussion will be led by George Hawkins, General Manager; O.Z. Fuller, Fleet Director and Tim Fitzgerald, Fleet Manager.
The elimination of RFPs and a new way of financing equipment replacements through Government Cooperatives will be led by Greg Haglin of National Joint Powers Alliance. Phoenix saved over $12 million dollars last year using this out-of-the-box thinking.
The five best ideas from the 100 Best fleets that cost nothing to implement, presented by Tom C. Johnson, Author of the 100 Best Fleets and Government Green Fleet contests.
Additional Topics:
–      Outsourcing and Insourcing; What is the Right Balance? Outsourcing is a fact of life today. The #1 fleet in 2010 brought in $500,000 insourcing with no addition of staff or overtime.
–      Online disposal of equipment, is it really cost effective? (Hint: up to 40% more efficient!)
–      How the #1 fleet in the country for 2007 saved $700,000 in fuel in one year using technology
–      Does a Dashboard Make Sense for your KPIs? A technology update by the leading fleet software company in the country
In addition you will receive:
–      A survey of 1 million employees of how to motivate them for peak performance and keep them engaged at work
–      A comprehensive fleet audit; fleets have paid over $20,000 for a similar audit
–      A fleet business plan, all top 100 Fleets use a business plan for strategic thinking and planning
–      The criteria for the 100 Best Fleets and Government Green Fleet contests
–      A take-home vehicle calculator that won the NAFA prize for innovation
–      How to create an ROI (return on investment) for all of your technologies
–      And other leading-edge tech tips for fleets.

  Tuesday, November 9, 2010; 9am-3pm

DC Water and Sewer Authority (DCWASA) Conference Room
5000 Overlook SW

Washington, DC 20032


Please see http://www.Mapquest.com for directions.

Alan Savarese; Fleet Manager; Deerfield Beach, FL said: “The 100 Best Fleet seminar is without a doubt one of the best financial/educational bang-for-the-bucks sessions a fleet professional (of any level of experience) could attend.”

John Hunt, 2005 Government Fleet Manager of the Year from Portland, Oregon said: “There isn’t a better use of your time than brainstorming with your successful peers for better ways to do the business of government.”

Paul Patterson, Fleet Manager of Oneonta, New York said: “It was worth the three hour drive. We got one idea we implemented that saved us $20,000 immediately.”

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