Freight Electrification Report from Electrification Coalition

November 13, 2020

The United States economy is heavily dependent on the functionality of our freight and goods transportation services. Road freight transportation in the United States is projected to grow steadily in the coming decades, and electrified vehicles are emerging as a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to diesel trucks that can be powered by low carbon American electricity.

Interested freight and goods delivery stakeholders can take measured actions and reduce our nation’s dependence on oil by using clean fuels in the freight sector. A new report from the EC, Electrifying Freight: Pathways to Accelerating the Transition, addresses the advantages electric trucks have over their diesel counterparts, the major barriers impeding production and sales, and clearly lays out actions that interested parties can take to facilitate and accelerate freight electrification. Download the report below, or read more about it in our press release.

This EC report is the first in a series that will inform stakeholders on strategies for accelerating freight electrification and highlight policy actions that can facilitate the industry’s electrification. Our continued engagement with stakeholders provides us with a robust and comprehensive understanding of what challenges are being faced and what solutions are needed to accelerate freight electrification at scale.

The EC is helping support freight industry stakeholders overcome the barriers identified in this report.