FTA Lo-No Bus Awards: $22.5 Million

April 25, 2016

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration on April 23rd announced $22.5 million worth of awards for its Low and No-Emission Vehicle Deployment initiative, aka Lo-No. Seven transit providers in five states will receive money to help pay for “buses and related facilities that utilize battery-electric, fuel cell, and other innovative technologies to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and improve operating efficiency,” FTA says.

Note: Virginia Clean Cities has supported several transit firms and would encourage additional transit operators to consider low and no emissions buses for their fleet.

“This Administration is committed to investing in an economy powered by clean transportation,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a release.

“Thanks to these grants, more transit riders around the country will be able to enjoy the latest in bus technology, resulting in cleaner air and lower costs in the long run,” said FTA acting administrator Carolyn Flowers. “By supporting American manufacturing and local workers, FTA’s Low-No grants exemplify Secretary Foxx’s commitment.”

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The individual awards are

  • $5,427,100 for UTA, the Utah Transit Authority, to deploy five battery-electric buses in the Salt Lake City area in partnership with the university of Utah;
  • $4,275,000 to LACMTA, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) toward five battery-electric zero-emission buses and eight charging stations. “This electric bus infrastructure will serve the Metro Orange Line bus rapid transit corridor in the City of Los Angeles,” FTA says;
  • $4,015,174 for SARTA, the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority in Ohio, toward three zero-emission American Fuel Cell Buses;
  • $3,336,040 for Seattle’s King County Metro toward eight battery-electric zero-emission buses to allow two routes to be operated using entirely zero-emission vehicles;
  • $2,585,075 for the Philadelphia area’s SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority toward the purchase of 25 zero-emission all-electric buses and related equipment – SEPTA, according to a published report late Tuesday, is buying 25 all-battery buses from Proterra;
  • $1,551,611 for Northern California’s AC Transit/Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District toward five battery-electric buses and related equipment. “This project will expand AC Transit’s clean vehicle infrastructure in addition to providing valuable data comparing battery-electric to fuel cell technology,” FTA says;
  • $1,310,000 for Southern California’s Foothill Transit for electric charging facilities to support the agency’s ongoing electric bus program, which includes an electric-only bus line