GET READY: Clean School Bus Funding Community Guidance

May 3, 2022
  1. ALL: Sign up for Clean School Bus Program newsThese email announcements will have the latest news and developments on program funding and how to apply.
  2. ALL: Attend a Clean School Bus informational webinar or watch the recordings. Learn about Clean School Buses, hear new program information, and access funding opportunities from EPA and other partners. 
  3. SCHOOLS Create a fleet inventory.  This information will help you characterize the buses in your fleet to best determine what buses may be the best candidates for replacement with new electric or alternative fuel buses
  4. The following tool is available for your use: 2022 Clean School Bus Inventory Sheet (xlsx) (March 2022)
  5. SCHOOLS: Get started on setting up all required accounts so that the U.S. Govt has a way to pay schools. Be sure organizations eager can be ready to apply on day one of the application period. Organizations applying for funds must have:
    • An active System for Award Management ( registration for the entity that is applying. Entity registrations are different than having an individual user account on Please check now to ensure your organization is registered in and that the registration has not expired. This is a website that details contact information including emails and physical addresses for government fund recipients.
      • Even if your organization is actively registered as an entity, be sure to review all registration information, including banking information, to ensure it is accurate.
      • Note: is transitioning from using a DUNS number to having a new Unique Entity ID (UEI). Organizations applying for rebates must know their UEI. More information on this transition can be found here: 
      • If your organization has no record of a registration, expired or active, and needs to create a new registration, the simplest entity registration type that can participate in the Clean School Bus Program is the “Federal Assistance Awards Only” registration. 
    • SCHOOLS Points of Contact (POC) listed under your organization’s entity registration in, including: 
      • An Electronic Business POC with a valid email address
      • A Government Business POC with a valid email address 
        • EPA highly recommends adding an alternate Electronic Business POC and alternate Government Business POC to your organization’s entity registration on 
        • Note: Only Electronic Business POC (and alternate), and Government Business POC (and alternate) will be able to create, edit, save or submit a Clean School Bus Rebate Application.
      • POCs with accounts. The POCs noted above can prepare for submitting an application for the Clean School Bus Rebates by registering for a account with the same email address listed in their POC info on