Indiana school districts switch to propane buses, Propane Autogas LLC

December 16, 2020
Image of Blue Bird Propane Bus by ROUSH CleanTech

Propane Autogas LLC is a propane supplier for over 150 propane school buses in Indiana. As a division of Propane People Inc, Propane Autogas LLC aims to provide school districts with emission-reducing and economically advantageous alternative solutions for their bus fleets. Acknowledging the difficulties of transitioning traditionally heavy-duty diesel vehicles to alternative fuel vehicles alone, Propane Autogas LLC has developed four competencies to help ease the switch for inquiring counties. 

  1. Education – Propane Autogas LLC provides an in-depth overview of the nature of propane as a fuel source and it’s emissions reducing benefits. Furthermore, there is a budget analysis on cost-savings and return on investments by when considering propane alternatives. 
  2. Funding – There are a number of federal and state incentive programs offered for fiscal assistance to transitioning school bus fleets. 
  3. Fueling Infrastructure – Proper propane infrastructure options are given to school districts to maximize efficiency in fleet size, routes, and facility space. Propane Autogas LLC assists in operating on-site stations, training personnel on propane dispenser safety and use, and expanding propane equipment for the future. 
  4. Maintenance – Propane powered buses require less fluids than a typical diesel allowing for a cleaner maintenance operation. Additionally, Propane Autogas LLC provides 24 hour maintenance assistance to service buses and dispensers. 

Propane Autogas LLC has been enabling many counties in Indiana to achieve a cleaner future for student transportation. Following these four competencies Propane Autogas is able to provide an economically beneficial and environmentally progressive solution for school districts who want to add action to their values of sustainability, clean energy, and cost-effectiveness. 

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