JMU Issues Rideable Contracts for EV Chargers

January 26, 2022

In a pioneering effort for the Commonwealth of Virginia, James Madison University has issued contracts for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). Five state contracts are now live on JMU’s contract management system. These contracts allow other public universities, state agencies and local governments to purchase EVSE through the rideable (or cooperative) contracts.

The five contracts with pricing and technical specifications can be viewed online here. Both Level 2 charging and direct current fast charging (DCFC) options are available in the contracts.

Several of the vendors on contract are either small businesses or minority-owned. The selected vendor contracts can be viewed below.

In late 2021, JMU and Virginia Clean Cities requested proposals from experienced and qualified vendors to provide a turnkey solution of all equipment, corresponding software and networking, accessories, warranties and deliveries required to install networked and/or non-networked electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE or EV chargers). The request for proposal (RFP) was publicized widely in the EV industry in the Commonwealth and across the country. The RFP specified that at least one unit must be able to service more than one car simultaneously. Additionally, the vendor may also provide proper EV parking signage or may submit plans for reconfiguration of any parking stalls for EV parking.

“These contracts allow JMU to be a leader in new technology and advanced, clean transportation. Not only will the college campus benefit from new EV charging stations for students, faculty, staff and visitors, but other universities, state agencies and local governments may now purchase them using these rideable contracts,” said Alleyn Harned, executive director of Virginia Clean Cities.

The cooperative nature of the contracts was due in large part to JMU’s procurement team, who helped lead the RFP process from start to finish. The contracts are also posted on the Virginia Association of State College & University Purchasing Professionals, which can be viewed here.