Legislation that Supports Alternative Fuels in the 2020 General Assembly

January 29, 2020

HB 717 – Electric vehicle rebate program. (Del. Reid)

This bill assists consumers, auto dealers, and vehicle manufacturers in developing a robust market for electric vehicles in Virginia by providing an incentive to choose zero-emission vehicles over polluting gasoline and diesel vehicles.

HB 577State Pollution Control Board; implementation of low emissions vehicle program. (Del. Keam)

This bill increases the availability of AFVs by joining 13 other CARB states in requiring auto manufacturers to offer vehicles in Virginia. The restriction of clean vehicles at dealerships is an impediment to Virginians purchasing power and our economy (Virginian’s buy from Maryland).

HB 511 – EV Chargers at state facilities. (Del. Bulova)

This bill enables all to better participate with EV chargers for staff and guests.

HB 1140 & HB 75 – Clean School Bus by 2030 and Electric school bus pilot program (Del. Keam and Del. Kory)

These bills provide resources to Virginia’s public schools for the purchase of clean school buses.

SB 630 – Common interest communities; electric vehicle charging permitted. (Sen. Surovell)

This bill empowers citizens to install their own charging stations in their homes and parking spaces.

SB 911 – $500 Penalty Blocking EV Parking (Sen. Hashmi)

This bill that enables local governments to better enforce EV parking.

HB 20, HB 1152 – Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Energy Efficiency Fund. (Del Lindsey, Del. Lopez)

These efforts join our peers with an electric power emissions trade program.  Peer states such as Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York frequently use RGGI funding for clean transportation projects such as EV and EV charger rebates which qualify under GHG abatement.

HJ 131 & SJ 32Study; EV plan. (Del. Jones / Sen. Bell)

This bill to study the impact of electric vehicles and develop an EV Plan for Virginia.