Light Pole EV Chargers Take Off at Shenandoah Valley Airport

September 13, 2021

The Shenandoah Valley Airport has something to celebrate! Four new Level 1 electric charger parking spaces were recently designated for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Pole-mounted EV chargers were integrated into an existing light pole, making installation and use a breeze. EV drivers can now step off the plane and into a fully-charged car, ready to take them to their next destination while enjoying the added benefit of parking in a well-lit parking space!    

These pole-mounted chargers demonstrate a growing movement across the country for providing streamlined access to EV infrastructure. Access to city streets and parking lots is necessary to further EV adoption, especially for those drivers that live in apartments without designated residential charging.

Along with parking, the Level 1 outlets at Shenandoah Valley Airport are free, however drivers will need to utilize their own 110V charging cord that comes with their EV. These pole-mounted outlets mark an exciting trend of working with infrastructure already in place to provide accessibility in the pursuit of electrification, reduced emissions and convenient travel!