March Flux Report – Hydrogen

March 10, 2011

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Virginia Clean Cities and Birch Studio, a brand agency located in Downtown Charlottesville, recently released its first edition of The Flux Report – an easy-to-read snapshot of green technology as it relates to specific industries. The concept of the report stems from the firm’s longtime commitment to promoting evolving technologies that reduce our carbon footprint and overall lesson impact on the environment. According to Birch Studio co-founder, David Robinson, “It is a report we are producing as a catalyst for change in the green tech sector. By providing useful information to decision makers, they can adjust their marketing, manufacturing and sales strategies to be more competitive, more successful, and ultimately, help us live lighter on Earth.”

The inaugural issue, which was released January of this year, focused on electric vehicles and addressed such topics as consumer motivations for purchasing electric vehicles, the five main consumer concerns about purchasing electric vehicles, interest in electric vehicles as opposed to bio-diesel, and top related search terms for electric vehicles. The next Flux Report will be on hydrogen fuel. Birch Studio will partner with VA Clean Cities to distribute this (and future reports) to green tech businesses across the state.

In addition to producing The Flux Report, Birch Studio offers a full scale of branding/marketing services such as research and strategy, information design, graphic design, web design, website development, and search engine optimization. The agency’s client companies, many of which are located in the Charlottesville area, range in size (one employee to one thousand employees) and span practically every sector of the economy.

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