Metro Washington Council of Governments Unveils New EV Deployment Toolbox

July 14, 2023
Image courtesy of MWCOG

In September, 2022, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors announced the Electric Vehicle (EV) Deployment Clearinghouse. These resources include information on local EV plans and policies, procurement and support agreements for EV infrastructure, as well as grants and partnership opportunities. Additionally, the Clearinghouse features an EV Charging Station Locator map, which assists COG members in identifying gaps in the EV charging network through helpful data visualizations.

Overview of EV Deployment Clearinghouse

The EV Clearinghouse is organized into six main topics, covering areas such as EV grants and funding, incentives, laws and regulations, the EV Charging Station Locator, local plans and an EV Ready Checklist. The checklist, developed by COG in collaboration with the EV Deployment Working Group, offers a streamlined overview of steps that localities can take to facilitate widespread EV adoption. To facilitate the deployment of EVs from various angles, a Regional EV Deployment Working Group was formed consisting of 71 members from multiple sectors. This working group serves as a platform for local and state agencies to collaborate on EV deployment initiatives.

The aims of EV Clearinghouse are to address barriers preventing the widespread use of EVs, such as cost, accessibility of charging stations and consumer awareness. This is accomplished by providing comprehensive examples of successfully implemented policies on a local and national level in addition to keeping up with technological advances in the industry. The Clearinghouse furthermore highlights federal and state grant opportunities to assist localities in accessing funding for implementing EV-related initiatives and programs.

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