New Report: Virginia Fleet Running on Autogas Expected To Save $70,000 in Fuel Costs Annually

November 30, 2012

VA fleet running on autogas to save $70,000 in fuel costs annually 

The newest case study fromthe Southeast Propane Autogas  Development Program comes from Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Spotsylvania County is situated midway between Washington, D.C., and Richmond and is one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties. The county has converted 20 sheriff’s cruisers and four school district trucks to run on autogas with a bi-fuel Prins VSI system through SPADP. With its 24 autogas cruisers and trucks, the county will save approximately $70,000 in fuel costs each year, while also displacing more than 60 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Outside of SPADP, the county also has five Blue Bird school buses that run exclusively on propane autogas.
“We chose propane autogas for our fleet vehicles because of the win-win aspect: reduced emissions and fuel savings,” said Craig Greenlaw, Director of Fleet Services for Spotsylvania County. “Autogas burns cleaner than gasoline, and we’re saving money with every mile the autogas vehicles travel, compared to our gasoline vehicles.”
Download the complete Spotsylvania County autogas case study here.
Spotsylvania was featured on the Government Fleet and NGTNewswebsites for their switch to cleaner-burning autogas