NGV Webinar Series: Webinar 1: Global Overview of Markets, Standards & Regulations

October 6, 2014

Monday October 6, 2014 – Tuesday December 16, 2014

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NGVs Past & Prologue: Lessons Learned to Create Deployment Strategies for Commercializing NGVs

By Dr. Jeffrey Seisler

A combination of technological, political, economic and environmental conditions has been necessary for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to succeed in varying degrees around the world. Dr. Seisler draws upon his extensive international experience in enabling NGV success elsewhere to set the stage for anticipated NGV growth in the U.S. The sessions focus on different topics of professional interest (technology/policy) and can be seen independently, but taken together the presentations provide a holistic view of the wide-ranging opportunities for the different technology and market applications for traditional NGV transport sectors as well as the potential for marine and rail applications. The webinar series is being presented on behalf of U.S. DOE Clean Cities and Argonne National Laboratory.

Webinar 1: October 6, 2014 @ 1pm ET
• Background to success in NGV markets
– NGVs by the numbers:
Looking Back-Looking Forward
• Poli-techs: NGV Standards and Regulations

More information on this Webinar:

U.S. economics have changed due to shale gas, but appropriate technological and political actions remain necessary for NGVs to become common.  This first in the series of three webinars focuses on successful markets around the world and identifies the factors shaping these markets for different vehicles and infrastructure growth. The role that standards and regulations must play to foster a safe, sustainable, economically viable future for the growth of NGVs in the U.S. and worldwide are discussed.

About our Speaker:

Dr. Jeffrey M. Seisler, CEO of Clean Fuels Consulting is an internationally recognized expert with three decades of experience in the global NGV development process.  Dr. Seisler’s efforts are reflected in legislation and regulations in the U.S. Congress, the European Commission and Parliament, and the United Nations harmonized regulations on vehicles. He was the Director of the NGV Coalition in Washington, D.C.; the first Director of the European NGV Association; and is a founder and past President of NGV Global, the international association for NGVs.  He also was the first to advocate the global strategic initiative to create NGV associations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Dr. Seisler received his B.A. in International Affairs and Communications from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of London (London, England) in International Relations, where he specialised in studies on communications, decision making and conflict resolution.

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