Opinion: Zero Carbon Close Electric Supply Gap and Reduce Emissions Across All Energy

April 14, 2023

Tucker Perkins of Richmond conveyed a valuable opinion in a Richmond Times-Dispatch column on April 7, 2023. Please click this link below for a read. All industries in Virginia and the nation are in a rush over the decades ahead to totally decarbonize energy and fuel sources we use today with zero emissions, biofuels and synthetic options. Beyond the federal, state and local community goals, there is another Environmental Social and Governance Goals (ESG) adopted by many Virginians in their investment portfolios. In his column, Tucker recognizes another ESG, Electricity Supply Gap, as another area of physics to address while also transitioning all energy to lower and zero emissions.

VCC’s executive director Alleyn Harned agrees, “We are going to have to put the pedal to the metal on this. Our state laws, stakeholders, fleet operators and eight million Virginians are depending on us all to hit a net zero (and decarbonized) future by 2050 in every energy sector. We commend all for their work on carbon reduction.”

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