Partnership to Replace State Vehicles with Clean Domestic Fueled Vehicles

July 25, 2011

The Commonwealth of Virginia is seeking ideas from the public and private sector to replace state-owned vehicles with potentially cleaner, cheaper, domestic alternative fuel vehicles.  It seeks to do so in a manner that does not result in significant additional cost to the Commonwealth, and intends to be budget neutral in the implementation of any strategy that may be negotiated and selected. With more than $4.7 million spent annually by the state on imported fuel for the government vehicles, this is an opportunity to have a profound economic impact within Virginia.

PPEA :  PPEA-SOA 2011-07-22

PPEA viewable in “Solicitations and Awards” section, and in this PDF copy downloaded on 7/25: PPEA-SOA 2011-07-22

In 2011, the General Assembly unanimously approved legislation proposed by the Governor, directing the establishment of a plan to replace state-owned vehicles that operate using gasoline or diesel fuel, with vehicles that operate using natural gas, electricity, or other alternative fuels.   Alternative fuels include ethanol, propane, biodiesel, hydrogen and others as may be defined by alternative fuel providers or submitting entities.

The Commonwealth believes that valuable resources available in the private sector can be leveraged through a public-private partnership to help the Commonwealth achieve its goal of reducing Virginia’s dependence on foreign oil while simultaneously expanding the alternative fuel and alternative vehicle markets in Virginia, and supporting the expansion of private sector businesses and creating jobs.   If industry leaders in vehicle manufacturing, alternative fuel infrastructure, producers of alternative fuels and other alternative fuel experts partner with each other and with government, the Commonwealth  hopes to be able to develop and implement a successful and cost-effective replacement strategy for state owned vehicles.

The Commonwealth of Virginia takes an “all-of-the-above” approach to achieving energy security recognizes the need to replace imported fuels with domestic energy in the immediate term.  This effort can build a foundation for increasing development of all of Virginia’s energy resources, including domestic oil, gas, agricultural, and other fuel alternatives produced in Virginia.

Please partner with other parties, or contact Virginia Clean Cities if you would like assistance whatsoever with this process.