Recharged: Used EV Dealership Opens

July 31, 2023

In recent years, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has surged and many are eager to purchase their own EV. However, the cost can be a big barrier for many consumers. With the growing focus on sustainability and a green future in Virginia, the state and federal government are implementing various policies and incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. That’s where a visionary electric vehicle ecommerce platform named “Recharged”, based in Richmond, Virginia, steps in. Alan Shtraks, the co-founder and CEO of Recharged states their goal is to “facilitate the shift to a more sustainable future by simplifying EV ownership” and continues to help spearhead the adoption of electric vehicles with their mission “to make your journey to EV ownership as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.”

Recharged makes it their mission to simplify the process of purchasing an EV. Recharged contains an extensive inventory of pre-owned EV from reputable manufacturers, such as Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. Recharged has a dedicated team of experts to guide their customers through the process of purchasing a used EV, and finding the perfect one for their different preferences and budgets. Recharged prioritizes trust and transparency through its “Recharged Score”, which guides consumers to an informed EV purchase by weighing battery health, vehicle history, and market pricing. Recharged continues to go the extra mile for their customers, performing a battery health assessment and certifying the condition of all its EV. Even after the purchase of the EV, Recharged makes sure their customer is happy. Recharged operates an Experience Center in Richmond where “consumers can always come in, ask questions, and learn about their EV from our Experience Guides”, said Shtraks. Recharged also collaborates with partners to offer guidance and help with installing home chargers to provide a fully end-to-end experience. seeks to be the go-to source of EV information and has an Education Hub where consumers can navigate a variety of topics and questions. 

Recharged has a team of passionate EV enthusiasts who assist at every step of the way, from browsing and selecting the best EV for a customer’s needs to post-purchase support and charger installation. The team at Recharged is knowledgeable about their vehicles, but also about the different state, federal, and local EV incentives and tax credits that their customers are eligible to receive that can lower the overall cost of an EV purchase. Recharged is sure to answer any questions or concerns about EVs or the charging infrastructure and they work to guarantee their customers are confident in their purchase and secure a seamless ownership experience.

Recharged, a premier used EV marketplace, is leading the charge towards a more sustainable automotive future. With an extensive inventory of high-quality and affordable pre-owned EVs, their in-depth knowledge and condition of their vehicles, and the exceptional customer service and transparency, Recharged is the unparalleled destination to embark on an electrifying journey and empowers individuals to embrace the potential of electric vehicles that aligns with their needs. Choose Recharged and take the first step toward a brighter, greener automotive future.