Roanoke Leads the Charge with All-Electric Parking Enforcemnt Vehicle

August 7, 2012

Roanoke, VA – On the week of Aug. 6, the City of Roanoke will begin using an all-electric parking enforcement vehicle called the “Firefly,” a three-wheeled parking enforcement vehicle built by Good Earth Electric Vehicles. This vehicle will replace one of the city’s aged, gasoline-powered “Go-4 Interceptor” units.

The Firefly is the newest addition to the city’s growing fleet of alternative-powered vehicles and equipment. The Firefly utilizes the newest battery technology (Lithium Iron Phosphate) for improved energy-efficiency, reliability, and an expected battery lifespan of more than four years. The vehicle’s cost is $33,490 – which is
comparable to the cost of the gasoline-powered Go-4 vehicle it will replace.

“We are very excited to be implementing one of the first all-electric, municipal parking enforcement vehicles in the State of Virginia,” says Dana Long, Manager of the city’s Billings & Collections office. “This vehicle offers an economical solution that will allow parking enforcement officers to patrol tight spaces safely
while demonstrating the city’s commitment to energy-saving initiatives.”

This zero-emission vehicle was built entirely in the United States and meets the needs of parking enforcement, along with stringent safety standards. In addition, the Firefly meets all federal and state regulations mandating use of alternative fuel vehicles. It has one of the best “Miles Per Charge” in its class, coming in at a range of 60 MPC. Also, the Firefly is equipped with an on-board data acquisition system which will allow the city’s Fleet Management Division to collect statistical parameters and help map service cycles before potential issues develop.

“The Firefly electric vehicle is a great example of transportation innovation at the local level,” says Alleyn Harned, Director of Virginia Clean Cities. “Roanoke has long been a leader with city-owned electric vehicles, and this task-oriented vehicle is ideal for starts and stops of parking enforcement duties. With zero
tailpipe emissions and with domestic electricity costs a fraction of gasoline, this is a thoughtful application of clean technology. Hopefully other cities can learn from Roanoke’s leadership.”

For more information, contact Dana Long, Manager, Billings & Collections at 853-2880 or Demond Hammond, Fleet Administrative Supervisor, at 853-5461.