SmartWay Innovative Technologies

March 9, 2021

EPA’s SmartWay Technology program expanded the SmartWay Designated tractor to include day cab configurations designed for regional haul. EPA included day cabs in response to SmartWay partner fleets that went the extra mile to use SmartWay aerodynamics and fuel-efficient tire packages in their cabs. 

SmartWay Designated day cab and sleeper tractors are class-8 trucks equipped with features and equipment combined into the most fuel-efficient version of a tractor model line. A SmartWay Designated tractor has reduced wind resistance (lower aerodynamic drag), lower tire rolling resistance as well as options to use less fuel at idle. Using a combination of a SmartWay designated tractor and trailer can reduce truck fuel use by up to 20 percent.

·     More information on SmartWay Designated tractors and trailers can be found at Learn about SmartWay Tractors & Trailers!

·     Listen to a past webinar recording that describes the SmartWay designation for day cab tractors, SmartWay retread tire verification targets, and trending information on EPA SmartWay technology verification and designation programs. Review Past SmartWay Webinars

·     In addition, information on other fuel efficient technologies are found at Here’s where to find carrier resources

Truck Electrification – The emergence of electric trucks will mark a paradigm shift in trucking. As battery, controller, integrated electric powertrain and recharging technology have matured, we’re seeing more truck manufacturers invest in developing and/or working with suppliers to develop electric versions of their diesel or gasoline-powered truck models. Several major vehicle OEMs have announced plans for future electric trucks and these vehicles represent a path to a near zero “tank” to wheel emissions.

Electrification can reduce energy and maintenance costs for fleets. Short haul applications (last mile, urban pickup and delivery, refuse and utility trucks, port drayage) that have low daily mileage needs and can charge at a depot at night are expected to be among the earliest sectors for market adoption. Other applications may include service and trade trucks, freight handling equipment, and even certain regional routes. Fueling with electricity is cheaper than diesel and the electricity prices tend to be less volatile. This predictability could allow fleets to forecast their expenses more reliably into the future.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), a SmartWay Affiliate, has published four Guidance Reports on a range of topics related to commercial battery electric vehicles including the most promising applications for replacing traditional diesel powertrains. Find more information at NACFE Emerging Technology-Electric Trucks. SmartWay is working to update its technology resource web page to include these reports and other resources that might be useful for fleets interested in learning more about electric vehicles. 

Mike Costanza, Director of Environmental Services, with Penske Transportation Solutions will take part in the U.S. EPA SmartWay Freight Matters webinar on March 16, 2:00 p.m. ET. Mike will highlight the successes of Penske’s work with commercial electric trucks, its own network of electric truck charging stations, and enrolling customers in the SmartWay program.

Register here to for the March 16 event, Alternative Fuel Adoption Accelerates: Discussion with Penske and Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA) , a leading clean transportation firm.