Stakeholder Spotlight: CAC Tech Services

June 17, 2024

The following passage is a short interview of CAC Tech Services Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Chad Burchett.

What is CAC Tech Services and what sets your company apart?

CAC Tech Services Inc is a Virginia based C-corporation which helps OEM’s and school districts make the transition to zero tailpipe emissions solutions. We work with some of the largest providers of heavy bus, truck and trailer OEM’s to aid in their offering of battery and fuel cell electric powertrains to their offering to the final customer. We also are helping school districts to repower their current internal combustion engine buses to battery electric powertrains. We have the expertise and proven track record to make this happen over multiple platforms of vehicles of various sizes.

Tell us about your past work and expertise in the heavy duty electrification space.

I started my career with the Volvo Group where I worked in various engineering and manufacturing capacities for the first 23 years of my career. The last four years were the most transitional as electrification came to the forefront and I was asked to help create a product to support the LIGHTS program which was a 90 MUSD public private partnership between Volvo and other partners including SCAQMD and CARB. After the first week the very platform we sketched out was the VNR Electric which was what we delivered months later for the first five prototype class 8 electric over the road regional delivery tractors and trucks. We ended up delivering 25 units for operation in the LIGHTS project and shortly after that I led the launch of the first two model years of production of the VNR Electric which dominated the electric heavy truck market during those times. I also served as the Technical Advisor on the Mack Medium Duty Electric truck which was launched to the market in the winter of 2023. Then, the final project I led at the Volvo Group was the development of the VNL Autonomous Tractor in partnership with Aurora which is a level four autonomy unit meaning it can operate without the assistance of the driver in hub-to-hub operations. This solution was recently shown at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas in May of 2024. After leaving the Volvo Group I have supported multiple start-ups in the field of electrification as well as carbon capture. Solutions have ranged from repowering trucks from diesel to electric to direct air capture of carbon dioxide. With CAC Tech Services Inc, I have supported TICO Manufacturing to deliver the Pro-Spotter BEV to the market which is the worlds leading Port Tractor at the ACT Expo in May of 2024. This unique product helps Port operators operate all day without a charge and maximizes efficiency for their specific use cases as well as distribution warehouses.

Where do you see the industry going in 10 years?

I see battery electric powertrains remaining the go to solution for return to base operations which are perfect for yard tractors, delivery trucks, short regional haul tractors, drayage tractors and school buses. I see the long-haul trucking market using hydrogen fuel cells for long distance trucking. On the grid side, I see new power sources coming online to support a more sustainable and resilient grid. Solar will play a part as well as off-shore wind, with small modular nuclear reactors providing an alternative to fossil fuel powered electricity production. This will ensure as adoption rates increase for zero tailpipe emissions that we have the power needed on the grid to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Are there any upcoming opportunities for people to see the technology? 

On July 18th right here in Chesapeake, Virginia, we will be holding a workshop for school districts to come and learn about what repowering a bus from diesel to electric would look like and how the components work to help demystify what a battery electric school bus is. I encourage all school districts looking to electrify their fleet to come see an alternative to a brand-new electric bus solution to help with their budgets and provide a solution for the community to help improve the air quality around the students in the local communities.

Any last thoughts that you’d like to share?

I always enjoy talking to people about transportation solutions and the changes that are ongoing. If you have questions and want to understand more of how things work, feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to help explain what I can.

Have questions about CAC Tech, transportation solutions and the ongoing changes in the heavy duty field? Reach out to Chad Burchett, CEO of CAC Tech Services Inc.