State Alternative Fuels Transition Initiative Update

July 6, 2016

As part of the Commonwealth’s Alternative Fuels Transition initiative, VCC is working with public fleets to convert light, medium and heavy duty vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane autogas (LPG). To date, a total of 192 vehicles have been converted, reaching 64% of the program’s goal of 300 vehicles converted. An additional 143 vehicles are currently in process, which will bring the total number converted to 335 vehicles.

Of the 192 vehicles that have been converted, 94 are part of the CMAQ program, which provides that state agencies and local governments in specific air quality non-attainment, ozone attainment and/or maintenance areas may be reimbursed for incremental costs to transition to alternative fuels such as CNG or LPG. Reimbursements are up to an average of $10,000 for the incremental cost of new vehicles or reasonable aftermarket conversions. An additional $1.3 million in funding is now available for the program. For more information on the CMAQ program, please visit the CMAQ website or contact Matt Wade at (540) 568-4051 or