Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Report

July 2, 2021

In May and June of 2021, Virginia Clean Cities developed a statewide report for Virginia and Washington D.C. to assess the Commonwealth’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Projections and 10% Deployment Scenario. The objective of this report is to outline the tools and benefits available to the Commonwealth that will allow state and local planners to make informed decisions about initial market scale volumes and locations of electric vehicle charging. This report includes electrification projections from the Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Projection tool to obtain and support 10% EV ownership and outlines a number of considerations and planning and mapping tools that can aid the planning process for equitable and effective charging deployments. In addition to the tools outlined, the report also demonstrates how supporting EV infrastructure will serve the Commonwealth by lessening reliance on outside oil, stimulating local economies, improving air quality, and reducing transportation financial burdens on underserved communities.