Station Locator Update 2018

March 19, 2018

It’s exciting: The Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Station Locator ( has undergone a major makeover. Constant improvement is at the core, which is why DOE and NREL are always striving to make the AFDC’s tools easier to use and the data more accessible. The Station Locator boasts new features and an improved user interface built on the same reliable, comprehensive, and fuel-neutral data that our partners have come to trust.

Some of the notable new features include:

  • A sleek look and feel, simplifying the user experience.
  • A bigger map populated with consistent circle icons for each station location and updated colors representing each fuel type.
  • A larger and more detailed view of specific station information.
  • Two tabs at the top of the map:

Find Public Stations

  • Allows the user to search for public stations at a specific location, with the option to search for all fuels or just one.
  • Defaults to public stations and the following fuel-specific station types:
  • Level 2 and DC fast charging electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Propane stations with vehicle-specific fueling services (i.e., “primary” stations)
  • Hydrogen stations with full public access (i.e., “retail” stations)
  • Displays the total number of stations that fit the search criteria in the upper right.
  • Offers a Map a Route feature that shows specified fuel types available along a route between two locations.
  • Displays search results on the right, sorted by distance from the search location.

Analyze and Download Data

  • Allows users to refine their search using filters, including:
  • Location: Enter a state or a specific address and limit results within a certain mile radius.
  • Fuel: Filter by a single fuel or multiple fuel types, and conduct fuel-specific searches, including the following:

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): fill type, vehicle accessibility, and fill pressure

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): vehicle accessibility

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE): charging levels, connector types, and networks

Ethanol (E85): stations that also offer mid-level ethanol blends – Note, this tool does not show E15 biofuel stations at this time.

Biodiesel (B20): The station locator does not show the numerous B5 to B10 stations at this time.

Propane: Primary stations shown, optionally you can see stations with limited vehicle-specific fueling capabilities (i.e., “secondary” stations)

Hydrogen: stations with limited public access (i.e., “nonretail” stations)

  • Station: Filter for public and/or private stations, planned stations, and by owner type and payment methods.
  • Displays results on the right, including counts, filters, and options to download your results or see the results on a map.