Superior Energy Systems Propane Autogas Dispensers Pump 100 Millionth North American Gallon

September 12, 2023

On September 12th, Superior Energy Systems, best known for its propane autogas dispensers installations around the country, has reached a milestone of more than 100 million gallons of fuel pumped through its line of PRO-Vend 2000 propane autogas dispensers. Propane autogas is the term used for propane used in vehicle applications like school buses, transit and paratransit vehicles, and Class 3-7 fleet trucks.

Superior Energy Systems’ line of PRO-Vend 2000 propane autogas dispensers feature a secure, cloud-based fuel management system that have the ability to connect to the company’s proprietary network and subsequently track the aggregated number of gallons pumped throughout the United States and Canada. The proprietary cloud-based network includes over 380 dispensers. There are also over a thousand additional Superior autogas dispensers across North America that do not utilize the network, meaning millions of additional gallons have been pumped beyond those tracked.

Superior Energy Systems refueling stations were used in the Virginia-led 13 state Southeast Propane Autogas Deployment Project which placed infrastructure with fleets and converted 1200 vehicles to operate on bi-fuel propane and gasoline for reduced emissions in sheriff, taxi, and municipal vehicles. Propane infrastructure for fleets is still often available in partnership with Virginia’s propane marketers.

“Nearly a decade ago, Superior Energy Systems brought to market a new propane autogas dispenser innovation, the PRO-Vend 2000, that we felt at the time would be a game changer,” said Derek Rimko, vice president of operations. “That led to additions to the PRO-Vend line that can meet the needs of any propane autogas fleet, including top-of-the-line fleet management software. With the recent pumping of our one hundred millionth gallon through our proprietary cloud-based network, it’s clear that we’ve accomplished our objective.”

Every PRO-Vend 2000 Superior Energy Systems’ propane autogas dispenser allows fleet customers to easily track driver identification, gallons pumped and vehicle mileage and can create standard reports without the need to purchase and install separate technology. A self-contained, touchscreen system makes refueling a simple process and drivers can easily refuel with a key fob or access number. 

The turnkey units, which use a ultra-low emission fuel nozzle, comply with all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and are also built to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards. This means the dispensers can be added to any existing fuel island, alongside conventional gasoline, and diesel dispensers.

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